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Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (GPAIS) 2017 - Time Extended


Government have extended the time limit to enroll in GPAIS 2017 to 31/03/2017 vide GO(P) No.  14/2017/Fin Dated 31/01/2017.  All DDOs are requested to deduct the premium in full amount of those employees who joined service on or before 31/12/2016 and have not deducted the premium towards GPAIS for the year 2017, from the salary for the month of February 2017. 

More Details here

Downloads : Extension Order, Government Order, Nomination Form, Schedule (Form II), Claim Form


State Life Insurance (SLI) Premium Revised


As per GO(P) No.  149/2016/Fin Dated 04/10/2016 Government have revised the rate of SLI Premium.  All those employees who do not have sufficient premium are bound to take Additional SLI Policy.  But those employees who have crossed the age of 50 are not allowed to take SLI Policies

GO(P) No. 149/2016/Fin. Dated 04/10/2016


Insurance for MPKBY/SAS Agents

In GO(Ord.) No.  6943/2016/Fin Dated 23/08/2016 Government have renewed the Insurance Scheme for MPKBY/SAS Agents for a further period of one year from 01/09/2016.

For Details : GO(Ord.) No.  6943/2016/Fin Dated 23/08/2016


Revised GIS Account Number

Kerala State Insurance Department have introduced a new website (www.gis.kerala.gov.in) to get the revised GIS Account Number in 12 digit format.

Website : www.gis.kerala.gov.in


Introduced Claim Payment Register for DDOs

In line with the computerisation of the State Insurance Department, a Claim Payment Register has been newly introduced for Drawing & Disbursing Officers (DDOs) to record the claim payments under Employees' Group Insurance Scheme (GIS).  Format of the register is made available in the Forms section of this site

Claim Payment Register


Employees' Group Insurance Scheme (GIS) Subscription Revised

Government of Kerala have reclassified the Scale of Pay of Groups and revised the rate of Subscription under Group Insurance Scheme (GIS) wef. 01/09/2016 vide GO (P) No. 112/2016/Fin Dated 01/08/2016 as shown below:

Scale of pay Group
Rate of subscription (Rs.)
Rs. 55350 - 101400 and above A 600
Rs. 35700 - 75600 and above but below Rs. 55350 - 101400 B 500
Rs. 17000 - 37500 and above but below Rs. 35700 - 75600 C 400
Rs. 16500 - 35700 and above but below Rs. 17000 - 37500 D 300
(The subscription for the Scheme shall continue to be in units of Rs.10 per mensom)

All Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) are requested to ensure that the rate of subscription of all the employees subscribing to the Scheme,  has been revised with reference to the revised Scale of Pay as shown above in the Salary Bill for September 2016 befoer submitting it.



Online Facilities in Employees' Group Insurance Scheme (GIS)

Department have introduced the facility to file applications online for GIS Membership and Claims through the web URL www.insurance.kerala.keltron.in All DDOs are requested to Sign Up in the website to submit applications.  Applications for GIS Membership and Claims of those employees whose salaries are processed through SPARK should be submitted online wef. 01/04/2016

VISWAS Online Help File


Time to Enroll in the Employees' Group Insurance Scheme (GIS) Revised

Government of Kerala have modified the existing guidelines on enrolling employees to the Group Insurance Scheme vide GO(P) No. 460/2015/Fin Dated 13-10-2015.  All the Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) are instructed to enroll an employee to the scheme in the same month he enters in service by deducting the subscription amount in full, from the first month salary itself.  For more details please see the order

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The Kerala State Insurance Department is a Commercial Department doing both General Insurance Business and Life Insurance business. It came into existence in the erstwhile Royal Travancore State in 1896. In the year 1979 this department was declared as commercial department It is empowered to under write General Insurance of any subject in which State Government has substantial financial interest.

Registration with IRDA : This Department is registered with IRDA under Reg. No.539 as per 3 of Insurance Act 1938 and Registration is renewed every year as per 3(a) of the same Act on remitting the renewal fees.

Proforma Accounts : Since State Insurance Department is a commercial department, Proforma accounts is prepared in the prescribed form and Accountant General certifies the Fund Balance of the Department every financial year. Entire management expenses of the Department and Pension Contribution of employees are deducted from the Fund Balance of the department. Even after this the  department is making profit in both Life Insurance and General Insurance.

Fund Balance & Profit : This department is sharing a portion of profit earned in General Insurance business every financial year. Total Fund Balance for the financial year 2013-2014 is Rs. 3542.55 Crores.

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“Improving the lives of the millions of people is a noble endeavor. It can also be a lucrative one”

Although it may feel good to be living the independent life no man is an island! In today’s world where members of a family live in the same house but in their own worlds, each engaging to their own activities, watching their own TVs and reaching out to their circles with personal phones and their computers. However, there is oneness of purpose and mutual support. The word ‘insurance’ in our society is sprinting far ahead of itself with a business growth.  The insurance industry is catching people’s imagination; all of it has to do with getting new products and better service.  


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